Terms and Conditions

This warranty is provided to you by Supa-Roof (Pty) Ltd, referred to in this document as Supa-Roof, and is underwritten by Safal Steel (Pty) Ltd. This warranty is your guarantee that Supa-Roof steel, if properly installed and maintained, will meet minimum expected performance levels for at least the warranted period commencing from the date of purchase.




“Class 3 fasteners” – Fasteners that are commonly used in areas where there are moderate levels of airborne pollution or coastal areas with low salt levels. Such fasteners are generally able to withstand 1000 hours of salt spray/fog testing, without showing more than 5% red rust on the surface of the fastener head.

“Class 4 fasteners” - Fasteners that are needed in areas with discernible levels of airborne pollution or coastal areas with moderate to high salt levels. Such fasteners are generally able to withstand 2000 hours of salt spray/fog testing, without showing more than 5% red rust on the surface of the fastener head.

“Supa-Fundi certified installers” – An installer that was trained and certified to install Supa-Roof roof sheets.

“Supa-Roof Inspector” - An inspector selected by Supa-Roof to inspect damage and warrantee claims.

“Supa-Fundi Manual” – A training manual used to train Supa-Fundi certified installers.


Terms and Conditions

In order to achieve the best possible performance from our Supa-Roof steel products (Supa-Roof roof sheets, barges and flashing) Supa-Roof has set out the following terms and conditions. Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions may result in your warranty being voided.


  1. The warranty applies only on roof sheets, barges, and flashings made from prime quality Supa-Roof steel.
  2. Guttering, downpipes, brackets, doors and other Supa-Roof products are excluded from the warranty.
  3. Cladding must be handled and installed in accordance with established international guidelines current at the time of installation, with particular attention to the issues listed below:
    1. Keep sheeting/coil dry at all times whilst stored/stacked in bundles prior to installation. Wet sheeting should be separated and dried to minimize any risk of accelerated corrosion due to “wet stacking”. Where corrosion is present due to excessive moisture, the sheeting shall be excluded from the warranty.
    2. Avoid cutting sheeting with abrasive circular saws or grinders as high temperature sparks (swarf) will damage the coating. Whilst the use of nibblers and specialized tools is preferred, the use of a grinder will not negate the validity of the warranty. The excessive presence of “swarf” will however negate the validity of the warranty.
    3. During construction, remove any swarf or other debris daily to minimize risk of localised corrosion.
    4. Exposed underslung ceilings must be cleaned every 6 months. 
  4. The responsibility of selecting suitable long lasting specified fasteners i.e., class 3 or 4, to be used with Supa-Roof roofing and sides, rests solely with the buyer.
  5. All fixings, flashings and associated components must be manufactured from compatible metals (pre-painted steel, Supa-Roof steel, zinc, or aluminium) or be coated or plated in accordance with current established international guidelines. For long lasting consistency in appearance, flashings should be made from the same material as the cladding. 
  6. The coating finish as supplied must not be scratched, abraded, or coated with any incompatible materials (including stack and flue deposits).
  7. Product failures, wholly or in part due to the following issues, are not covered by this warranty:
    1. Mechanical, chemical or other damage before, during or after installation.
    2. Attack from chemical agents, fumes, liquids or solids other than direct rainfall.
    3. Unwashed areas sheltered from normal rainfall and not regularly washed down.
    4. Extended contact with soil, dust, ashes, fertilizers or moisture retaining substances.      
    5. Areas in metallic contact with incompatible materials e.g., lead, copper, carbon, graphite or stainless steel or the subjection to water run-off from such incompatible materials.
    6. Failure to remove debris and/or failure to provide free drainage of water, including internal condensation, from all surfaces of the product.
    7. Deterioration of the sheeting caused by contact with wet or green lumber, treated timber and wet cement.
    8. Severe marine, Industrial, corrosive environments, to constant spraying of either salt or fresh water unless specifically agreed and noted.
    9. Storm and tempest or other acts of God.
  8. The definition of perforation leading to product failure transpires when the sheet is perforated from natural weather conditions. Rust or minor corrosion on the surface, at tension bends or cut edges due to natural weathering, does not constitute failure of the product.
  9. The buyer shall exercise diligence in inspection of sheets as received from Supa-Roof so as to mitigate repair or replacement.
  10. Supa-Roof reserves the right to terminate this warranty at any time if the buyer or the buyer’s customer does not comply with installation requirements.
  11. Claims must be promptly reported to the Supa-Roof store you purchased from.  A Supa-Roof inspector will be sent to your home to inspect your roof as well as take pictures of the affected area.  A copy of your Tax Invoice will be required as proof of purchase. Should Supa-Roof entertain the claim it will only cover material costs in a pro rata basis.
  12. Supa-Roof makes no guarantees, either express or implied beyond the fact hereof: including, without limitation, warranties of fitness and merchantability and shall have no other liability with respect thereto.
  13. All installations are to be performed by Supa-Fundi certified installers only.
  14. The Supa-Roof products should be used in areas that are greater than 5 km away from the ocean, river, dam or industrial area.