Supa-Roof opened its doors in 2012, providing specialist roofing hardware to aspirational home owners in various areas of South Africa. 



Since those early days operating in KZN, we’ve expanded into four other provinces and now have more than thirty stores meeting their respective community’s roofing requirements. Going forward, the business will be franchised and any new store will be owned by the franchisee.


Supa-Roof branded stores cater for all your roofing supplies. From IBR roof sheeting to timber trusses, insulation, fasteners, flashings, and gutters – we’ve got you covered, servicing every roof building requirement from your home DIY to larger projects. Our friendly and well-informed staff are available to assist you, and our top quality products all come with a lifespan guarantee.




Supa-Roof has exclusive rights to four different product profiles: Supa-IBR, Supa-CORR, Supa-Wide, and Supa-Tile, available in four finishes – Supa-Silver, Supa-Charcoal, Supa-Red and Supa-Green.


A major rebranding of Supa-Roof took place in late 2019 and is still ongoing. Part of our rebranding effort is renewing our commitment to our customers, providing them with service excellence and the best prices without compromise.

How to install Supa-Wide roof covering

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How to install Supa-Tile Rood Covering

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