Supa-Roof Installation Tutorials

Please refer to our guides below on how to install our products.

Roof Coverings:

How to install Supa -Corr

How to install Supa-Tile

How to install Supa-IBR

Gutter and Downpipes:

RainGain Gutter Systems installation

RainGain Downpipe Installation

*Installation of this product must be performed by a licensed professional. Should the failure of the product be the result of damage occurring as a result of improper installation, alteration of the product or an act or omission on the part of the consumer, this warranty is void. MRM shall not be responsible for any consequential damages which arise from the use and/or installation of the product. If the kit is installed in any manner other than specified, MRM reserves the right to deny any warranty claims at the discretion of the technical support department.